We provide  Fastest  International and Domestic courier service in Hyderabad through out the world.


International Courier Services (ICS) is a speedy courier service in Hyderabad – one of the best international express courier companies. Our head office is located in Hyderabad, but we have other courier branches at numerous strategic parts in India. However, this does not limit our domestic and international reach. Fast, easily accessible, convenient, cheap, trusted courier service – we are all of that and more. We are the one courier stop solution for all of your delivery needs considering your satisfaction every step of the way. We ensure that we treat all of our customers uniquely irrespective of their location or delivery need. Our courier service expert team has been well trained to ensure that.


Our team of experts is not just responsible for picking up and dropping off your parcel, but they are also ready and willing to handle every hitch that you might encounter in the delivery process. They are also responsible for handling every other service we offer so you don’t have to bother because we got you all covered. Many years ago, we started our unique delivery journey, and presently, we are the leading courier service in Hyderabad offering worldwide services, overnight delivery services to strategic destinations, and as a unique way to warm into the hearts of our customers, we also offer gift delivery services to restricted markets. Foodstuff materials, industrial equipment (heavy or light), medicine delivery (ship medicine to the USA or any other country), Household items, Commercial items – Name it, as long as it is meant to be picked up and delivered, we are your go-to international courier service. Every delivery service we offer is strictly done at your convenience, door – to – door if you please because your contentment is our major aim.


  • Choose a pickup location

    Whatever location you choose or wherever you are, we would locate you and pick up your parcel for delivery.

  • Get your parcel ready for pickup

    After you’ve chosen a convenient location either at your home or your office, you need to get your parcel ready and properly packaged for us to pick up. You have to ensure that your parcel is properly packaged right in front of you to avoid future issues. You don’t have to be bothered about the safety of your package because this is guaranteed with us.

  • Secure your tracking number

    Securing your track number with us is essential because it helps you track your yet-to-be delivered parcel. Tracking a package keeps you informed about the live location of your parcel and the scheduled delivery time, so you don’t have to be bothered at any time about your parcel.

  • Safe delivery of your parcel

    Irrespective of the destination or distance your parcel is meant to be delivered to; it would be safely delivered through our various transport means – airplanes, trains, trucks, etc. Although during the process of delivery, your parcel would undergo certain custom checks just for security purposes. We would guide you through the details needed for a hitch-free custom check process.



We are your one courier stop solution for every of your delivery need. Offering you the best customer service ever, we make the whole delivery process easy and hassle-free. We’ve hired professionals who are easily approachable and are always willing to guide you through everything you need help with. Every member of our courier team would easily warm into the heart of customers because of their friendliness and helpful attitude.


Every member of our courier team has been carefully trained to employ the use of speed in everything they do, and this ensures that there is no form of delay in your delivery. Your parcels wouldn’t just be delivered on time but safely and properly packaged too. We assure you that your parcels wouldn’t be delivered damaged, punctured, or destroyed, except we picked it up this way. We treat your parcels with utmost care to avoid complaints and dissatisfaction from our customers.


We are reliable, and we can be trusted with your delivery needs because we’ve been in the delivery business long enough to handle our customer’s orders. All of these benefits you enjoy from choosing us wouldn’t cost you a fortune. We are not termed the ‘cheapest courier service in India’ for nothing; our delivery costs are reasonable and extremely affordable. No exorbitant charges, no outrageous extra costs – we are cheap, and we give you quality irrespective of the mode of transportation that would be used in delivering your parcel.

Choosing ICS means you’d be choosing the best courier service in Hyderabad, and you’d not regret your experience.

A few procedures and guidelines to help make your experience smoother.

Hand over your parcel in open places

As much as you choose locations that are convenient for you, let these locations be in open places where your parcel can be collected safely and easily without any form of hassles.

Provision and verification of identity

Every parcel we deliver must undergo certain rigorous security checks by various Indian regulatory bodies for safety purposes, but during special cases where there is an issue or a query concerning any of the packages, the law demands that ICS proves the customer’s identity and provide the necessary details to the concerned regulatory body.

Provision of Invoices

For every non – document package you hand over to us for delivery, an invoice also has to be provided with it.

Provision of Photo Identity

You’d need to provide your pictures – they would be photocopied and kept safely in our confidential records. This is in compliance with certain safety and security regulations made by government regulatory bodies.

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