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This involves national delivery to various towns and cities in India, and we are fully equipped to ensure this. With our head office situated in Hyderabad and branches in other strategic parts of India, you don’t have to bother about domestic delivery needs because if you bring it to us, we will sort it all out.

We are responsible for picking up the packages from locations that are convenient for you. You choose the location; we do the pickup. We also offer door-to-door delivery services throughout locations in India. Another feature that makes us unique is the fact that we also offer ‘free pick up services.’ This would considerably reduce the entire cost you might have budgeted for the delivery of that parcel.





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Why Choose ICS Courier Service

Benefits of these services of ICS Courier Service

Delivery across ICS Courier Service Country in India

Free pick-up from your location

Door-to-Door services Available.

Sunday and holiday services Provided.

We offer round the clock delivery services, and unlike other courier services, we could also handle time-sensitive emergency parcel deliveries. Some of these time-sensitive deliveries could include Sundays and holiday periods, but don’t worry; we got your deliveries covered always. All parcels to be delivered around major metro locations in India get to their various destinations within 24 – 48 hours of collection.

However, every domestic service we offer is hinged on the terms carefully spelled out in the ‘Terms and Conditions of our domestic carriage’ for the purpose of clarity.

A few procedures and guidelines to help make your experience smoother.

Hand over your parcel in open places

As much as you choose locations that are convenient for you, let these locations be in open places where your parcel can be collected safely and easily without any form of hassles.

Provision and verification of identity

Every parcel we deliver must undergo certain rigorous security checks by various Indian regulatory bodies for safety purposes, but during special cases where there is an issue or a query concerning any of the packages, the law demands that ICS proves the customer’s identity and provide the necessary details to the concerned regulatory body.

Provision of Invoices

For every non – document package you hand over to us for delivery, an invoice also has to be provided with it.

Provision of Photo Identity

You’d need to provide your pictures – they would be photocopied and kept safely in our confidential records. This is in compliance with certain safety and security regulations made by government regulatory bodies.